How to create a simple photo booth?

If you have been to a wedding recently, you will most likely have noticed that photo booths, where guests can take pictures of themselves with all manner of props and masks, are quickly becoming a fun essential for wedding photos. Thinking about setting one up yourself? Keep reading for some hints and tips.


You’ll need to set up a backdrop, though this can be something very simple. Plain white fabric stretched across a frame about 6ft high and 8-10 ft wide would be ideal, but paper would work just as well as fabric. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money on this, but if it’s re-usable, then that will save you time and energy in the long run.

The camera will need to be set on a tripod and synced to the light (which should be placed as close as possible to the camera to reduce shadows). Each set-up will be different, but as a guide, try shutter at 1/200 and the aperture at f/5.0, in order to get larger groups in focus. Set light to near its lowest setting and aperture to 125 ISO, making sure your lens perfectly covers the fabric background. A 50mm lens will probably be sufficient, however a 35mm may be a better option, depending on the size of your background.

Unless you plan to take all of the photos yourself, a remote is recommended so that guests can take the photos. It is advised that you set the camera to single shot mode or you could have a lot more pictures than you bargained for!

Less technical, but equally important, are a set of simple instructions for guests to follow. Include such things as: where to stand (it helps if this is marked on the floor), how to operate the remote, where to look, and basics – such as not to touch the camera – as these will all help the photo booth run smoothly.

Having a photo booth is all about capturing the essence of fun on the day, and the props that you provide will make for some fantastic shots. Wigs, hats, masks, crazy glasses and accessories of all kinds will inspire the guests’ creativity and the more that you can provide, the greater the variety of photos produced. Get on eBay or down to your local pound store and really go to town here, and you’ll be surprised with how the guests find new and interesting ways to use your props !

Viewing the photos

Your options are to produce the prints on the evening with a printer and have someone manning the booth, or have them available online as soon as possible after the event. The first option obviously requires a lot more effort, but does have the benefit of the prints being available for guests to take away. If you choose to have them online only, make sure you have business cards available and accessible for guests with your website details, so that they can easily find their pictures. This can serve as an additional marketing opportunity for you, as well as increasing visits to your website from potential clients !

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Once you have your props and set-up prepared and organised, you can take your photo booth to a whole range of events. The guests have a fantastic time, the clients love the fun, less-formal photos, and it can offer a chance for you to market yourself further by having guests access your website to look at their photos!