The Capital City of America and its Hotels

Travel without a reason to find yourself but if you are travelling for a reason then you should go to places that will help you add meaning to your general knowledge. There are many places and cities in America and each city is famous for its own unique feature. Now, if you are looking for a place that will bring out the patriotic in your and want to see the enthralling beauty of this famous country, then you can easily get amazing hotels here. Moreover, hotels in Washington are a delight owing to its grandeur.

So, if you are looking for great hotels in Washington DC, then you should hang on to this site.


Exceptional hotels!

When it comes to finding an exceptional hotel in DC, then you can easily rely on the Four Seasons Hotel. They not only provide exceptional services but you can easily host a party or reception here. The staff will help you in managing everything and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Also, the hotel is in close proximity to the city’s great dining restaurants and of course, shopping malls. The staff of the hotel is not only amiable but they ensure that you feel at peace with yourself and they know that you have had a hectic day so everything is done with utmost perfection.

Grandeur at its best!!

If you want to experience royalty and grandeur, then the Fairmont Washington is a great option for you. When you enter, you are welcomed with warm smiles in the beautifully done lobby lounge of the hotel. This hotel is a perfect stay for families. What’s more, the hotel staff is cordial, enhancing the prestige of the hotel. It has a garden that is best suited for you if you want to get some peace. Good news for all the dog people, you can bring in your pet in this hotel. While this option is not there for many hotels, the Fairmont is a good exception. The 10th floor of the hotel is meant for this purpose.

Visit the president’s abode!!

If you are in Washington DC, you can certainly not leave the place without visiting the White House. This is one of the most prominent government buildings in the world and many delegations of important matters take place in this house. The first president to have resided in this building was John Adams.

The family of the president also stays here only. You can go for a tour of the house during certain fixed hours of the day. But if you are planning for a visit, then make sure you apply for the passes at least 21 days before your arrival day. Although people start booking their tickets 6 months before!!

All those people who want to see the best place, then you should go to this building. It is one of the most important places and numerous politically important decisions taken here have a huge impact on every American citizen either directly or indirectly.