10 Tips for installation in your wedding videography

There is not so long, a wedding video meant Uncle Joe was standing at the back of the church with his VHS camera, recording the entire event. There is even an “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode in which Raymond in trouble with his wife Debra, accidentally to paste the video of their wedding ceremony. My, how times have changed.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer is widespread that the setting almost as a photographer. This was not the case ten years ago.

Businesses Central Ohio offered ideas for wedding videography days will be available from the pack. Read on for our 10 degrees.

  1. Value audio—stories, anecdotes, laughter and tears—more than anything else.
  2. Shoot in color.
  3. Forget having the video edited the same day.
  4. Have a consultation with the videographer first.
  5. Use drone-mounted video cameras judiciously.
  6. Notify the still photographer that a videographer will be filming the wedding day.
  7. Use available light for more realistic footage.
  8. Use a videographer’s time to tell a story of the entire day, not only the ceremony.
  9. Pre-production interviews with close friends or family provide great background footage for the couple’s story.
  10. Use the couple’s favorite music genre to build their story.